Keep quality music in your car

Another reason to listen to good music

So as I now know there is a feature of BMW cars that allows the owner to open all four windows at once. Why one would want to do this is a bit of a mystery, which is perhaps why I didn’t remember it from reading the owner’s manual. To open all the windows one need only press for three seconds on the door locking button of the key fob and hey presto.

Of course one could accidentally press on the button whilst, say, carrying wine boxes upstairs. On a rainy night.

I went downstairs this morning to find a rather damp interior. Moreover some of the local “yoofs” had clocked that the car was open and ransacked the interior looking for usable stuff.

Scattered across the passenger seat were the three CDs we had in the car: “Bags’ Groove” by Miles Davis et al, “Ali and Toumari” by Ali Farka Touré and Toumani Diabaté, and “Raise your spirit higher” by Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Evidently these had low stealability and didn’t make the cut. If we were fans of, say, Rihanna or Nicky Minaj we would now be sad.

Of course that last sentence stands on its own merit. 🙂

So deduction: listen to quality music in your car. You and your insurance company will be happier.

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