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Hi. I’m Anthony Kaduck and this is my personal site. (In this as in all things I am ably assisted by my bride and partner in crime Lynn). I am, inter alia, a guitarist, a birder, a keen cyclist, and a recently-retired officer with Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. I don’t claim to do any of these things particularly well, but I try! I am also a lifelong fan of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League. With respect to their status as the greatest of sports franchises I will brook no argument. Now if we could only take home the Cup…

Anthony Kaduck
Anthony Kaduck – Morocco 2013

6 thoughts on “Anthony Kaduck – About me”

  1. Very enjoyable description of your “biggish” year, Anthony.- great pictures too.

    Thank you for including me.

  2. I spoke to James Keelaghan once outside of the Capitol Theatre in Nelson B.C. to tell him how much I really liked his song “Princes of the Clouds”. He told me that it had been written by a Canadian Forces person called Tony Kaduck. If this is you I want to tell you how much that songs still has the power to give me ‘chicken skin’ and I want to thank you.

    1. Michael, thanks for your looking me up. It’s really great to hear that you enjoy the song.

  3. Hi Tony. My lady friend and I enjoyed your presentation at Queen’s today “Where the Birds Are” Thanks too for the links. I am eagerly awaiting spring so that I may get back to my nature walks. Been a long winter. I am not an avid birder myself (I can recognize some of the basics ….. Robin, Not-robin ) but I worked as a summer student at Presqui’le Park with Barry MacKay. He still does a couple of fine bird paintings a month. And when my wife was doing Family Medicine at Queen’s we were friends with Paul & Nittaya MacKenzie.

  4. Anthony
    Thank you for sharing your pictures in the shared ebird checklists for Saskatchewan Cranes trip

    1. Pat
      Thanks for your good company on the trip. I will try to post some photos and a trip report on this site.

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