Birds and Birding: Cuban trogon

Birds of Cuba

I traveled to Cuba in March 2016 to take part in the Cuba Birds and Butterflies tour, led by the redoubtable Joséle Sais, proprietor of the Boletas Birdwatching Centre in Spain. Our targets were the Cuban endemics (birds that can only be seen in Cuba) and we “got” all of them except the rare and skulking Zapata rail.

It was a birding trip as opposed to a photographic trip, so we did not really have time to wait hours and hours for the perfect photo of each bird. (This allows me to lay the blame for any missing species to “conditions” as opposed to inadequate photographic skill).  

I may add some more info on the trip at a later date, but I wanted to at least post the photos now.

Birds of Cuba

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