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great things - architecture
Palau de la Música Catalana, Barcelona

We hear all the time about the bad and stupid things that people have done. Every day the media searches the 196 countries in the world so they can bombard us with the five worst things that happened, all in the pursuit of selling advertising. Well, this site is a small effort to focus on the plus side of the ledger – on the great things people create, from the wondrous and spectacular to the small and practical.

No Doctor Pangloss, we don’t live in the best of all possible worlds, and with due respect to Karl Marx we are not inevitably advancing towards a better future. In recent years there has been a slow but steady upwards trend but humanity will always be at risk from the unholy trinity of fear, greed and honour. I am optimistic enough to think that the Better Angels of Our Nature may eventually prevail, and we will shift our collective focus away from angry gods and ethnic nationalism towards a proper appreciation of what human beings can be and do. So though I get occasionally bent out of shape about the egregious behaviours of some of our fellow folk (bankers, e.g.) I will save the rants for other outlets and try to keep this blog focused – yes, you guessed it – on the plus side.

To narrow it down a bit, while I reserve the right to comment on anything that takes my fancy, the “great things” I am most likely to comment on include bicycles (the fourth best invention of humanity, after fire starting, sanitation and birth control), art, architecture (cathedrals in particular), food and drink (including recipes), tools and books. And of course to see great stuff you need to travel, so there will be some hints and top tips from our own peregrinations.


4 thoughts on “Great Things – About this site…”

  1. Hi, just read your review of Vortex Razor HD telescope, I’m currently trying to choose between a used Swarovski and the Vortex Razor, a similar situation to yourself. How’s your scope after 7 months use ?



    1. Hi Simon,
      I’m still really happy with the scope. A number of my friends have had a look and they agree that there is no real world difference between their Leicas and Swarovskis and the Vortex. The only negative thing I would say is that the stay-on case is not as well worked out as the Swaro case. It protects the scope well but I think they need to make some small improvements in how the lens cover attaches. However the scope itself is outstanding and seems to be quite robust – it’s been knocked around a bit without any problems.
      In the end it’s hard to go too far wrong here – the Vortex is a great scope but so is a used Swarovski. Let me know which way you go.

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